Stef (stefestella) wrote in house_quotes,

House-Wilson banter

Hi all! Newly discovered group here honoring one of my favorite things about the show: the dialog.

So, do you have a favorite bit of House-Wilson banter?
Does anyone here keep a compilation of their dialog online?
I feel like some of the best dialog occurs between the two of them. Quite quotable!
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I heart the House/Wilson dialogue. They're so cute.

HOUSE: Your lips say no, but your shoes say yes.
WILSON: They're French, you can't trust a word they say.
AH! Love that one!

There was one about Wilson's tie, too, that I wish I could remember. I can't even remember what episode it is in. I'm not good at relating which dialogs went in which episode unless it was about a patient.
It was in "Fidelity" (1x07) about the african sleeping sickness, but I don't know what exactly the quote is.

I love it when they banter back and forth. it's what makes my day. Lmao.

My favorite is the part where House says he's been borrowing money in increasing increments to see where he draws the line, and then later Wilson said he's been lying to him in increasing increments. It just makes me crack up every time I think of it! XD